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Declutter While You’re Moving

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Spring is the season of new beginnings and moving into a new Kerley Family Home. During your move, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to reassess some of the extra stuff you’ve been holding onto for too long. We recommend that you plan to declutter while you’re moving. You’ll regain more control of your possessions and this will reduce the unhealthy stress in your life caused by clutter.

As you transition into your Kerley Family Home, we suggest the techniques below to declutter your things, while you’re packing and after you move-in. And, we also believe they will help you have a very productive spring cleaning.

Think Before You Pack

There’s a cleaning ritual in Japan that takes place every December called Osoji. Families, schools, and businesses spend the period before the new year deep cleaning. Part of the process involves removing everything from the building that isn’t nailed down. So it can be properly cleaned and have its value considered. If something doesn’t have a purpose or has outlived its usefulness, it is considered non-essential. They don’t bring these items back inside. Take inspiration from Osoji as you pack your belongings during your Spring move. Simply consider whether each object serves a purpose, and don’t take it with you if it doesn’t.

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Keep the Memory, Not the Memorabilia

There are many objects that we accumulate over the course of our lives that represent special moments. Medals from marathons, mementos from various workplaces, and keepsakes from favorite vacation spots. These objects definitely require upkeep if they’re to look presentable. While these are memorable objects or were at one time, they can begin to take up more space than needed. Be sure you are willing to give up space for them in your new home. We suggest taking a photo with your memorabilia before saying goodbye to it. This way, the memory is still there, but you don’t have to deal with carting around a box of old trophies.

Remain Organized

Don’t underestimate the power of a good organization system. As you’re unpacking, find a spot for everything in your home, from clothes to cutlery and car keys. If you make a habit for everything to go right back to where it “lives”, it will free up time and mental energy. Within this highly connected, digital age, we have the ability to keep everything condensed.

A built-in desk against a short wall near natural lighting is the perfect space for productivity.

Start Moving and Save Money

Moving can change your life for the better if you see it for the opportunity it really is. Take the time to declutter while you’re moving for a fresh start in your new home. Kerley Family Homes can help by finding you the perfect new home and neighborhood to fit your lifestyle.

If you haven’t found your new home, but are ready to upgrade while spring cleaning, then our Skip 3 preferred lender program is ready to help. Contact us today for more information, or visit one of our new home communities throughout the metro Atlanta area. Take a closer look at the new beginnings available in your future.

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