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Kerley Family Homes offers more ways to buy and sell your home

More Ways to Buy and Sell Your Home

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When you’re trying to sell your current home at just the right time to move into your new one, the sales process can seem overwhelming. At Kerley Family Homes, we think the process should be easier to manage. That’s why we’ve partnered with three brands who each have their own method of simplifying the way you sell your home. Whether you want to sell now and get moved in as soon as possible, or would like time to consider an offer and your new home options, we’re working to help make your new home dreams become reality. Each brand’s approach is slightly different, but it all adds up to three more ways to buy and sell your home!


Opendoor is an easier way to sell your home. You begin by requesting a free offer from Opendoor, working with one of their home experts and answering questions about your home. They use market information and the information you shared about your home to determine the value of the house and make an all-cash offer. You aren’t under any obligation to take their offer. If you do accept, you’ll sign the contract, and schedule a free home assessment. If any work is required, Opendoor will take care of it post-close and it can be deducted from your proceeds. Get paid in a matter of days, and move into your new home on your timeline.


Knock is particularly helpful when you’re trading your current home for a new one. Knock buys both your old house and your new home. While you move out of the old house, you only pay one set of bills – your existing mortgage. Then, Knock repairs and sells the old house, and transfers your new home into your name. They settle with you for any costs they covered in buying the new home and repairing the old one, and you’re done.

Marketplace Homes

This is a totally different way to sell your home. We’ve partnered with Marketplace Homes so that you can buy your new construction Kerley Family Home with confidence. When you agree to build a new home through Kerley, Marketplace Homes agrees to outright buy or lease your current home for up to six years. They’ll pay you rent, even if there’s no tenant. No showings, disruptions, missed closings, double payments or double moves.

An Easier Way to Move Up

Now, when you buy a Kerley Family Home, you have more options available to make the process simple and stress-free! More than anything, we want to ensure that you’re comfortable when you begin your homebuilding journey with us. If you would like more information on building a Kerley Family Home and how we can make selling your home easier, contact us. We’re always happy to help you discover just how much we’re all about value.

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