Ideas for your Master Bedroom with Sitting Area

a sitting room inside a kerley family homes master bedroom

A sitting area is a great place to exercise your creativity – and when it’s in your owner suite you can make it even more unique. You’ll see that in Kerley Family Homes designs, there are sitting rooms and space for sitting areas attached to plenty of our owner suites – like in the Washington or Cedarwood plans. That means we love giving owners ideas for their master bedroom or owner suite sitting area! Today we’re bringing you three favorites – proven by homeowners to make your new space even more cozy, functional, and inviting.

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Mini-Media Library

For those who don’t want a bedroom TV right in front of the bed, the sitting area provides a perfect spot for a private entertainment area and library. Bookshelves are a given, though the TV is optional. A console or short dresser provides space for an elegant sound bar and more media storage, and comfortable seating is a necessity in these spaces. Though for a media area, we’d recommend recliners or comfortable chairs so a side table can come into the mix for holding drinks and books.

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Bedroom Office

Where better to retire for the evening than your bedroom office for editing family photos, taking care of the finances, and just surfing the web in peace and quiet? In a dedicated sitting area, traditional desk placement is possible with your back to a wall or window, but why not arrange yourself to have a nice view of the outside world? Orienting your desk toward the window will also save space and cut screen glare – very savvy and super productive.

a sitting area in a master bedroom

An Oasis for Relaxation

It’s been said that we sleep better at night when we don’t lounge, awake, on the bed. A beautiful, functional sitting area is the perfect place to stretch out instead! With space for a sofa – or better yet, a refined lounge – you can use that sitting area to improve your sleep and your life.

Home Designs for Life

A sitting room in the master bedroom isn’t the only detail in Kerley Family Homes designs that will inspire new ideas. For an idea of what we’re building right now, take a look at our communities and be sure to click through to floor plans! You’ll get to see in detail how we design our homes for relaxing, convenient lifestyles – and how we design with total value in mind.

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