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Multi-Generational Home Designs in 2024

More people are embracing multi-generational living arrangements (three or more generations under one roof) in the United States. According to 2020 census data, there were 6 million multi-generational households in the U.S. in 2020, up from 5.1 million in 2010 (Axios). That’s a one million household increase in just the last decade! These living arrangements provide many benefits, including convenient job commutes, combating increased living expenses and inflation costs, and shifting priorities to caretaking. To help prepare for these lifestyle changes, Kerley Family Homes compiled a list of multi-generational home designs so the entire family can live comfortably and safely in their new home.

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Prep Your Kitchen for Safety and Efficiency

Sharing beloved family recipes, helping your children with school work, and chatting with one another after a long day apart are reasons the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. Let your kitchen shine this year by implementing small changes that make a significant impact.

  • Change any seating arrangements that aren’t accessible (e.g., switch from stools to chairs).
  • Consider which sink style is best for your family (i.e., a large farmhouse sink can make cleanup faster, while a shallow sink can accommodate older relatives with less mobility).
  • Include more drawers rather than doors to minimize time spent bending down or kneeling to dig through the cabinets.
    Choose a home with a sink next to the stove, or purchase a wheeled cart to make carrying heavy pots and pans easier.

Bathroom Accessibility Aging in Place ©Joerg Lantelme

No More Falls: Bathroom Accessibility for Older Relatives

As your relatives age, slips and falls are more common, especially in the bathroom. Get prepared before an emergency happens by adding safeguards throughout your home. Building a hand wand into your shower, adding a shower bench, and updating to non-slip flooring will help with stability. If you have a relative in a wheelchair, a complete bathroom redesign may be in the plan. Include a curbless shower and grab bars over the toilet seat, and remove rugs and low-hanging towel bars so they keep their full range of motion.

multi-generational living parents welcoming son home ©Monkey Business Images
Design an Open-Concept Living Room With Everyone in Mind

With so many people living under the same roof, your home can quickly become cramped, uncomfortable, and louder than you’d like. Younger children may want to use the living room as their play area while a grandparent blasts a sports game on the TV; all the while, you’re forced to use the dining room table as your remote work office!

Don’t let space continue to be an issue for your family this year. Houses in our communities like Palmer Falls, Springside Reserve, and Carter Grove include flex space areas such as basements, main-floor guest suites, and outdoor spaces like decks and patios so that homebuyers can live comfortably with their family at an affordable, valuable price. Read our blog to learn more about how each of our new single-family home communities makes multi-generational living easy!

smart home technology ©adriaticfoto

Talking Doorbells and Robot Maids: Technology in the Home

Embrace smart home technology this year to make life more efficient for your family. For example, adding a video doorbell can upgrade your front door. This popular feature improves the safety of your home and allows you to monitor visitors and delivery services. Look for one with the keyless entry feature, so you don’t have to worry about anyone misplacing their keys or making multiple copies.

Including an automatic shut-off stove in the kitchen prevents fires and other cooking accidents. A self-operating robot vacuum makes cleaning the floors easy and always on schedule. And voice-activated speakers can do anything from ordering groceries, narrating top news stories, and calling emergency services. Consider places throughout your home where technology would positively impact your family’s quality of life, and plan to include these new gadgets in your home design this year.

muti generational living parents moving in with grandparents ©Monkey Business Images

Plan the Path to Multi-Generational Living With Kerley Family Homes

If this is the year your loved ones embrace multi-generational living, let Kerley Family Homes help you find a new home your family will love for years to come. Contact an agent today to learn more about our available new construction homes in metro Atlanta and current promotions that offer incredible savings!

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