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Landscaping Trends for 2024: Enhancing Curb Appeal and Sustainability for Spring

With the first day of spring only a few weeks away, it’s time to stock up on colorful flowers, plant freshly trimmed shrubs, and revamp the outdoor areas around your home. This year’s unique landscaping trends provide homeowners with many options for enhancing curb appeal and practicing sustainable gardening. From creating pollinator gardens that attract and nurture endangered species to incorporating smart yard technology that makes your home more accessible and safe, we have the trending tips you’re searching for to make your landscaping ready for spring and the warm weather ahead.

Container Garden ©vaivirga

Eco-Conscious Edible Gardens

Have you noticed an uptick in your grocery bill? Food costs have increased in recent months, making accessing healthy food options more difficult. In some areas around the country, shared gardens have been built in new construction communities to combat the issue of buying natural organic food at an affordable price. Consider planting herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees that harvest crops throughout the year to help decrease your grocery bill and positively impact the environment.

Pollinator Gardens with Hummingbirds ©yhelfman
Pollinator-Attracting Gardens

If you enjoy watching butterflies roam your garden and waking up to the sounds of bird songs, spring is the perfect time to grow pollinator-friendly flowers outside your home. These flowers provide essential nutrients for bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds, encouraging pollinators rather than shooing them away. First, research which flowers thrive in your area’s climate and which soil, fertilizer, and watering schedule work best for your choices. Typically, daisies, lavender, lilacs, and honeysuckles grow well during the spring in many areas of the Southeast U.S., and the sweet floral smell that permeates the air is another perk of planting these beautiful flowers around your home.

Container Gardening for Small Spaces ©Alina Bitta

Container Gardens

By 2050, the United Nations projects that 89% of people will live in urban areas. With cities becoming more populated and townhome communities adding contrast to these skylines, more homeowners are cultivating container gardens to introduce more greenery into their living spaces. These plant containers are an alternative to landscape gardening and allow every new homeowner, regardless of how large their space is, the opportunity to grow real plants to eat and nurture. Among the most popular plants for container gardens are trailing plants. They are considered living art by interior designers, creating interesting focal points in each room and making them appear larger. Some of the most popular houseplant trailers are pothos, English ivy, spider plants, string of pearls/hearts, and orchids.

Automatic sprinkers watering tulips©Hadrian

Smart Yard Technology

The time-consuming task of watering the lawn with a hose at the end of a long day or mowing the lawn on the weekend is long gone. Now, automatic machines do the heavy labor for you! Smart yard technology will help more gardens conserve water in 2024.

  • Smart sprinkler controllers use real-time weather data to water plants when needed.
  • Mobile apps allow users to adjust and monitor watering schedules to save water and money.
  • Smart irrigation systems allow plants to receive water on time and in the correct amount every day.

Before making upgrades to your yard, check out the list of popular smart yard technologies that are hot on the home garden market this year!

Clover Covered Lawn ©Hadrian

Grass Lawn Alternative

Speaking of lawn care, consider uprooting your grass pad and switching to an alternative lawn coverage choice. Many gardeners are opting for alternatives to traditional turf lawns as a way to cut back on water usage and make their landscapes more eco-friendly. Moss, micro-clover, and flowering plants like creeping charlie and chamomile have become increasingly popular among homeowners who want low-maintenance landscaping this year and beyond. It’s not only beneficial for the environment but also increases your curb appeal!

Gothic Gardening©ThreeEyedRavenProductions
Gothic Garden Design

Dark hues and spine-chilling decor aren’t only reserved for Halloween this year. Gothic garden design is on the rise, with both new and experienced gardeners opting for dark purple flowers and deep green leaves to dot their outdoor landscapes. This exciting new trend is taking the plant world by storm with “430k posts on social media using #Gothgarden(ing) #VictorianGardens, #Halloweengardens #Steampunk, and #Tombstonetourism” (source). Eerie plants such as ‘black prince’ snapdragon, blood red sunflower, and black peony poppy are just a few blooms you can incorporate into your outdoor spaces. Decor-wise, a memorial garden is another good way to pay tribute to the theme and honor the memory of loved ones who have passed on.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal this season with a new and trendy spring garden that catches everyone’s attention. Our new construction homes in metro Atlanta are ready for homebuyers looking for a well-maintained area to create their oasis. Contact Kerley Family Homes today and ask an agent about available homes and current promotions! Landscaping Trends for 2024: Enhancing Curb Appeal and Sustainability for Spring

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