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Kitchen styles for you to choose. Learn more about Kerley Family Homes kitchen designs

The layout of your kitchen should match your lifestyle. Need room for meal prep? Strategically placed appliances for maximum efficiency? Or a nice, open kitchen that takes full advantage of the space? You’ll find kitchens with all of those features and more in Kerley Family Homes. We’ll be sharing various Kerley features during our Style Series, but today, we showcase three common kitchen styles, and the Kerley Family Homes communities you can find them in.

One of the Kitchen Styles on display at Ozora Lake


The L-shaped kitchen is a classic configuration loaded with benefits. Appliances can be placed on either side to help the prep process move smoothly, and there’s enough counter space to handle everything you need. The L-shaped kitchen is also out of the main traffic area, meaning you can get things done without bumping into anyone. As it opens to the casual dining space, you can enjoy quick cook to table meals with the family. This convenient L-shaped kitchen in Ozora Lake features a pantry set into the corner for easy access.

An open one-wall kitchen in Village at West Cobb


A one-wall kitchen uses your space to the fullest. This open concept kitchen design offers plenty of storage space with cabinetry and appliances mounted to one wall. This Kerley kitchen features a small island to expand available counter space. This smart one-wall kitchen in Village at West Cobb opens directly onto the dining room with a view of the family room as well.

a large kitchen in Overlook at Hamilton Mill

Big Island

Available as part of multiple kitchen styles, a large central island is a game-changer. Plenty of space means you can serve whole meals here, use it as a buffet, or prepare several different dishes at once. These massive centerpieces are also visually stunning. This gorgeous kitchen in Overlook at Hamilton Mill really shows off just how much a big island adds to the space.

Stylish Kitchens, Total Value

You’ll find plenty to love in these stylish Kerley Family Homes kitchens, and there are more layouts than these to explore. Follow us on Facebook to see even more beautiful Kerley Family Homes designs. Also, take a look at all the communities we’re building to discover all of our different home styles. When you find the one that’s right for you, schedule a tour, and start your home buying journey with Kerley Family Homes today.

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