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Kerley Family Homes Offer LOW LOW Rates for New Homebuyers

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Kerley Family Homes is excited to announce a new program for its homebuyers.  This new financing program will start  with rates as low as 1.5% for the first year of homeownership.    This program is a FHA- loan 2-1 buy down program and it is a wonderful opportunity to get a lower payment on your first two years of homeownership.

Here is some information about FHA Loans:

FHA Loans

FHA Loans, which are backed by the Federal Housing Administration, allow qualified buyers to purchase a home with a lower down payment than most conventional type mortgages. Loan amounts and appraisal restrictions may vary.

Other benefits of an FHA Loan include:

  • Minimum down payment requirements. Your down payment can be as low as 3.5% of the purchase price.
  • Most of the closing costs and fees can be included in the loan.
  • Streamlined documentation may be used.
  • Gifts from family members to cover down payments and closing costs are allowed.
  • Sellers may contribute up to 6% of the buyer’s closing costs and prepaids.

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Kerley Family Homes are currently building in Cherokee, Cobb, Douglas and Fulton counties.   Look for ten more communities that are slated to open in the next thirty to sixty days and are sure to have the location and home plan to suit you!

At Kerley Family Homes “It’s All About Value”! Offering extremely low rates (less expensive then renting) and a final fixed rate on a FHA loan for your new home plus they offer a 2/10 Home Warranty to protect your investment now and in the future while building a home that brims over with style and distinction.  You can be sure you are getting the most “bang for your buck” when you choose a Kerley Family Home.

Visit Our Website today to see our multitude of  home plans and locations and make your plans to visit one of fabulous neighborhood communities today!

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